The Breath

As many of us seek new avenues to health, longevity, peace and prosperity, we usually overlook the most important thing we can do for ourselves: BREATHING. Most of us live our entire lives paying little or no attention to how we breathe. We have no clue as to the important of proper breathing and how deeply it affects the quality of our lives.

Often the modern medicine has not yet realized the value of working directly with the respiratory system in the treatment of respiratory symptoms. When we seek medical help for respiratory condition, we are usually just given inhalers and drugs indefinitely to treat the symptoms, often with no hope of actually addressing the cause to relieve the problem permanently. People with respiratory problems usually have lifelong history of issues around breathing. In other words, not only that the breathing is shut down, they also tend to have deep-seated negative beliefs and feelings that are directly related to the function of breathing itself.

Many people suffer a short-breathing-pattern, which can caused of hypoventilation or hyperventilation. This habit brings illness health, long term health problem such as obesity, sleep apnea, anxiety, etc. Even asthmatic breathing pattern simply describe as a continuous tightening of the muscles directly below the breastbone (sternum), this constriction prohibit the full release of the breath. Most of the problems are caused by unexpressed feelings that has inhibited the body.

Healing Breath practice slow and deep continues breathing which allows the emotional release happens throughout the body. Carry away the trauma and sickness on the physical body, living a relaxed and relieve feelings both on the body and mental state. Continuous practice of the Healing Breath helps to encourage a meditative state of mind to engage in everyday life. This way we all may experience our daily life mindfully and allow us to live in the present moment.

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