Fear is that feeling when you afraid to face the darkest part of the night, not knowing that it is almost dawn.

Do you know that the darkest part of the night happens few hours before dawn? Those few hours are the most powerful part of the night. Most magic happens in those hours, most curse happens in those hours too.

Fear is when you react negatively before anything (even) happen to you. Constantly being suspicious with your life, thinking that something will go wrong. Fear is that feeling of distrustful to our own universe. The universe that we have created.

Fear is probably the most powerful feelings that we try to avoid all the time. It is difficult for us because we have learned that being born is a scary thing to happen. Imagine when we live in the womb, with a nice floating bed, warm, soft and quiet. And then, without knowing it, we were rejected from that comfy bubble. Arrive to a cold, bright, loud hospital room. The first thing that we learn was: this world is a scary place. Our mind have forgotten about it, but our body remembers.

Not only that, in our first 10 years we depend on our parents and our families. We learn to be depending on others.  We learn to trust them, we learn to be fit to the society, even tough sometimes things not always went the way we want. Leave us feeling lonely and distrust, afraid and not confident.

We afraid to do anything. We afraid to make decision, we afraid to love, we afraid to stand for ourselves, we afraid to protect those who we love most, we even afraid to feel our feelings. We afraid about everything.

This worry creates insecurity. In fact we learned insecurity from our surrounding, our parents and our society. We feel insecure that we don’t have money, we feel insecure that don’t look sexy and attractive, we feel insecure that we can’t express our sexuality and love.

This fear is within everything. Fear of losing, fear of having. Fear of wanting, fear of rejecting. Fear of hating, fear of loving.

What shall we do?

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