Healing Breath Open Class

All of human activities are basically either conscious or unconscious. Movements of our limbs (legs, arms, etc) are conscious; it only moves when we want it to move. While the activities of our heart beat, or the inner organs (like kidneys or stomach) are unconscious, most of the time the work of these organs happen automatically without us knowing it.  However, our breath is unique. It can happen both conscious or unconscious.

Conscious breathing happen when we aware of our breath, remember to breath slow or when we practice pranayama, this activities also called as “controlled breathing”. While unconscious breathing happen when we don’t realize that we are breathing, mostly happen on our daily life especially when we are under stress or too busy with our daily obligations.

Without we realize, restricted breathing pattern happen when we tend to the breath unconsciously. This restricted breathing are mostly caused by the suppression of emotions and feelings. Therefore the goal of the practice is to allow the emotions and feelings arise to the surface and allowing it to be expressed and released.

In our  Healing Breath Open Class we practice long-deep-connected breathing. The breath is flowing continuous and naturally. In the practice we don’t try to control the breath, but we still aware of the breath and that we must practice deep and connected breathing.

Healing Breath Open Class is three to four hours of breath work practice with maximum 12 participants on each session. The session is normally happen on monthly basis at our wellness center Yoga Umah Shakti in Sanur. The agenda of the breath work session including:

  • Self introduction & intention setting, introduction about breathing, core of the problem, benefits, expectation, breathing techniques and breathing practice (75 minutes)
  • Toilet break (10 minutes)
  • Breath work and healing (70 minutes)
  • Awakening, sharing, and closing (45 minutes)

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