Start the Practice Now!

The practice starts with a question “What is your most difficult feeling?”

As we get along with our busy days, the sun comes up and goes down quickly. We don’t seem to be able enjoy the day as we are continuously busy with our thoughts and ideas. The body goes along with the thoughts, carry such a heavy weight of responsibility to fulfill all of the obligation, complete task and responsibilities. It doesn’t seem like we have time even to stop for a minutes and enjoy our own breath on this kind of day. Unfortunately, this is all we have learned for the entire time of our life, in our school, college and now at the work place.

We all have needs to be completed. Money to buy food for us and our family, monthly electricity bills, petrol and transports, clothes and blanket to keep us warm and many other stuff we cannot mention one by one. Does it mean that we are not allowed to enjoy our life even for a little bit, understand what is the essence of living and what is the purpose of our life? We can surely enchanted by the glamorous night life with boost, pretty girls and nice looking shoes. Believe it or not this entertainments are not long lasting. Even thought we have a great party night, there is something missing, something feels incomplete and still we crave more for this feeling of contentment.

Our breath has been with us from the first second we arrive in this life, and yet it never got appreciated. We have forgotten our breath entirely. We have forgotten that we are complete with it and it completes us. Even sometimes we forget to breathe.

When you start to practice with your breath, you have no other choice but to be honest. There is no way out, unless you allow it to be opened. And honestly, to open the breath is effortless. It is so easy that we have the desire to complicate it. Just like the nature of our life.

Our breath witnesses each time of memories of our life. The breath knew when was the time it was painful and also knew when was the time it was nice and beautiful. Each of the most powerful memories comes with the expression of breathing, whether it was fast or slow. And those are the gate of knowledge to pursue the wisdom from our past so we can all safe ourselves from suffering the same old life pattern, making the same mistakes, chasing tales.


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