Healing Breath Semi-Private Apr 2017 #2


DAY/ DATE              : THURSDAY, 20 APRIL 2017

TIME                        : 13.00 – 16.00

INVESTMENT        : IDR 350.000

SPACE                      : LIMITED TO 4 PARTICIPANTS

TEACHER                : VIA WIJAYA

About Via Wijaya at Healing Breath programs here.

A glance about Healing Breath:

Healing Breath is a breathing practice that involve slow-deep-continuous breathing. This deep connective breathing is one through the belly and chest with slow and soft rhythm breath. While breathing like this, the body get in touch with feelings that has been “incubated” inside. The objective of the practice is to connect with this feeling, admit the feeling, express and finally let go of the feelings (that doesn’t need to stay in the body). Feelings that has been stored deep in the body is (most of the time) related to some trauma that we experienced in our earlier time.

“What the mind has forgotten, the body remembers long after.”

In other words, the body still experiencing that trauma even the trauma has done long time ago. That’s is why connecting and understanding how we feel is very important in order understand who we are and what should we do in our life.

On the practice day, we will have discussion to understand the separation about feelings and emotions, how to get in touch with the feelings itself through breathing practice.


Chat with me: skype:wijayav | wechat: viayogabali | whatsapp: +628176881511 | via.wijaya@gmail.com | FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pg/healingbreathbali

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