Silent Healing Retreat (11 – 13 Aug 2017), Bali

This retreat combines the learning process through Dhamma journey of noble silence, meditation (which consist of walking and sitting meditation), yoga asana practice, breathing practice and discussion about Dhamma (in Buddhist term “Dhamma” means good deeds). The objective of the retreat is for one to experience and have understanding about the nature of physical and mental (non-physical) phenomena. Also to gain mindfulness, focus and concentration. And finally to gain insights from within their own wisdom.

Noble silence is the practice of deep silence in period of time in order to observe and analyze the occurring the both phenomena, physical and mental, within an individual. In this practice participants will not be allowed to make any contact nor connection with other participants. Participants will not speak during this practice, in order for them to observe the ability of their other senses including the physical and mental senses. The noble silence practice will be started on the first morning of the retreat and ends at the beginning of the closing ceremony.

Meditation practice will be divided into two terms, walking meditation and sitting meditation. Commonly walking meditation is the “pre practice” to prepare sitting meditation. One of our facilitator will explain what to do on walking meditation and all participants to follow. Thus, also applied on sitting meditation. Purpose of meditation practice is to maintain the peace and calmness of the mind (physical and mental state), in the longer term within the meditation practice yogi will be able to separate which one is distraction and which one is meditation object.

Dhamma Talk is a speech delivered by our teacher. Speech topic will be vary, to give an over view about the objective of the whole practice and how we connect the practice to our reality. Expected the speech will give insights of good deed in morality for all yogis, participants and facilitators.

Asana Yoga Practice will be practicing gentle hatha asana to give a gentle stretch each mornings before all starting the learning process. This way we can maintain the well being of both physical and mental body.

Breathing Practice (Healing Breath) programs is a collective programs to share and learn about breathing technique with a specific approach. The technique on Healing Breath eventually targeting to create tremor on the physical body in order for the body to create reaction in the mental and emotional expression state in the natural way. Why do we need to allow the body to express this mental state? Because in every single part of our physical body that was hurt or storing pain from the previous trauma, that part of the body will create “residue” or the waste energy in different form. When this waste is not being cleaned, it will stay in the body. This waste can be stored in the body in the form of water, gas, mucus, tears, etc. Thus waste if stored in a long term might cause damage to the inner organs.
In this practice, the breathing practice will have two option using blocks or not using blocks. For first time participants will not use block, regular participants may have option. Block will be placed under the shoulder blades, while participants lie down on their back. This way, tremor might be created during the practice. Tremor phenomena may help participants to release deep trauma and stretch (open up) the chest and lung muscles.

Benefit and expectation during retreat:
– Yogis have the right understanding about the nature of physical and mental phenomena of suffering
– Yogis can gain concentration, focus and have the right mindfulness during their daily activities
– Detoxifying the mind
– Bodily relaxation
– Trauma and stress release
– Gain physical and mental well-being (respect)
Retreat Location:
The retreat will be held at Swarna Dwipa Meditation Center at Bona Village, Blahbatuh Gianyar Regency. One of the most suitable space for this healing process. Please check out: or facebook: for details about the space and location. Please let me know if you need transport during this practice.

Early bird IDR 1.000.000/ pax
Facilities: Shared room, vegetarian meals during retreat, material lesson and practice of mindfulness through Dhamma knowledge, noble silence practice, understanding of walking and sitting meditation, yoga asana basic, breathing practice and trauma release.
To book the space, please pay down payment 50% minimum by transfer to Bank acc. CIMB Niaga No. ​520-01-27005-11-2 a.n Ekavia Natri Ratna Wijaya.

“Just like the great ocean has only one taste. This teaching has one taste, the flavor of freedom.” – Buddha.

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