Healing Breath May 2019

Breathing is the biggest part of our life and yet most time we ignore it. We never really know is the quality of our breath. One of the thing that we don’t understand can be understood by learning about our breathing.

Breathing can help to be a happier person. But, this needs effort! On this workshop we will discuss about how breath connect to the condition of our body and how breath relate to many of our material experience both ways: positive and negative.

When we deal with negative reality, the mind become unstable and the breath become unstable, and the organ become unstable. This memories is saved within our material body. If this conditions are not being realized, and not being understood, it could bring greater problem and illness.

Happiness is a conscious process, we cannot be ignorant and be happy at the same time. This what we learn during the workshop!


Price: 425.000 per person/ MAX 10 persons
Price include: discussion breathwork concept and how breathing can approach healing, continue with breathing practice.

For question and reservation please whatsapp:
Via Wijaya 08176881511
Lilik Manuaba 08133884438