Bali Healing Home

Our humble home is located in the north area of Ubud center, approximately 15 minutes with motorbike drive. The road to get to our place is very easy to find. So, you need not to worry.

The space is located behind a sanctuary of an ancient temple, the sacred Pura Dalem Gentong. “Pura” means temple, a sacred place where Balinese come to pray and meditate to recharge and cleanse their energy and purify the mind. There are three types of temple in a Balinese village: Pura Desa, Pura Puseh and Pura Dalem. “Pura Dalem” is believed to be the temple of Shiva, who give strength to refurbish ourselves, in a way for us to face our true-self. It is believe that Pura Dalem has the strongest energy among these temples.

Our home is surrounded by a small jungle and rice fields. The ambiance with the sound of nature, fresh cool air to breath and length of horizon give us the opportunity to once again be closer to who we are.


  • Bed room with 2 single beds
  • Indoor yoga asana/ practice space
  • Outdoor yoga asana/ practice space (at the terrace)
  • Small bar and kitchen
  • Dinning table
  • Sofas
  • Reading area
  • Working desk
  • Garden
  • Smoking area


House Rules:

  • Respect Balinese tradition and follow what must be done and what must not been done. We make daily offering around our house, in this way can maintain the high energy around the house
  • Respect each other and keep the space clean
  • There are two cats living with us, please let us know if you have allergies
  • You are allow to smoke at the smoking area only, and respect those who are not smoking
  • You are allowed to study and read any book we have at our house only, or we can make copy for you to bring home
  • Wake up early, unless you feel tired and need more sleep and take shower in the morning before daily activities
  • Wash your own dishes, after using cutleries
  • Bring your own towel, we only have provide face towel


Find on Goggle Map: Pura Dalem Gentong and follow this path to our house.

Home2 - healing retreat

Price per night per person: 6 USD/ 85.000 IDR (max 2 persons/ shared room). 

Please let us know when you want to stay with us and experience the ultimate Balinese living!

(Whatsapp: +628176881511 – text only)

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