Yoga Asana for Body Detoxification

Everybody dreamt of an ideal body posture where the height and the weight of the body is balance to each other. In some wellbeing concept is being said that the ideal body posture is when “body weight equal body height minus 110” (BW = BH – 110). For example is the body height is 154cm, so the ideal weight for this body is 154 – 110 = 44kg. Here is one of the concept to know the ideal body.

However, everybody is different. And the concept above is not the absolute truth that can only be followed. Another concept of ideal body can be seen from the concept of 5 elements (in Traditional Chinese Medicine) or Dosha (in Ayurvedic Medicine). Each of us has our own unique character and unique needs which needs to be learnt during the lifetime.

Although the body has unique destiny, we can find out a general ideal condition for the body to learn and become comfortable & peaceful. The Mind is the key to success in finding out the ideal condition of the physical body. In this case, if our goal of practice is to find an ideal posture, thus the practice require physical detoxification as well as physical exercise.

Physical detoxification include the understanding of nutrition and practice of fasting. Physical exercise requires building up fire elements to purify body circulation. And finally, practice of mental discipline with meditation.

Package & Investment:
• Ideal Posture 7 DAYS is USD 25
• Ideal Posture 14 DAYS is USD 40
• Ideal Posture 21 DAYS is USD 65
• Ideal Posture 28 DAYS is USD 80

Payment must be done at the beginning of the course. Payment sent through paypal account

On each package I will send you daily video through email. This video will be able to be downloaded to repeat your personal practice at home. Every 3 days, we can arrange video call through whatsapp or skype to speak about what be improved and your progress in the practice.

3 thoughts on “Yoga Asana for Body Detoxification

  1. Dear Via,
    How are you? I hope you are healthy and fine…💜
    I want to join this detoxification package for 28 days …
    When will it start?

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone


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