Yoga Asana for Depression & Trauma Release

In Ayurvedic practice, it is known that depression is caused by the one thought that always circling and becoming the seed of mind behind all clouds of thoughts that exist in the thinking process. Because this one kind of content always exist and becoming the seed of thinking process, we see this thought all the time and this thought drive us crazy!

For example, there is a seed of thought about “I am afraid if I run out of money”. At all time, this thought exist behind other thoughts that comes and go. And if this person cannot release himself/ herself from this thought, depression or anxiety can easily develop within the experience.

However the seed of thought that always circling around the thinking process normally related to the deep traumatic experience that has happened long time before the person realize that he/ she has this condition in their mind. Thus to work on depression/ stress/ anxiety cases require the understanding of the traumatic condition of person’s life experience.

All human born and experience trauma in their life. There is no single man that was born without trauma, only some of us aware of this condition and eventually work on it. And most of us not aware or choose to ignore it and life without knowing. Both decision are fine, only both provide different kind of life experiences. The experience of light and the experience of darkness which completing each other.

The practice to help with depression and release trauma require breathing practice, mental discipline with meditation, various physical exercises and combination practice of physical exercise and breathwork.

Package & Investment:
• Freedom 14 DAYS is 75 USD
• Freedom 28 DAYS is 120 USD

Payment must be done at the beginning of the course. Payment can be transfer through Paypal account

On each package I will send you daily video through email. This video will be able to be downloaded to repeat your personal practice at home. Every 2 days, we can arrange video call through whatsapp or skype to speak about what be improved and your progress in the practice. And on daily basis you are free to contact me if you need someone to speak to.

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