Yoga Asana for Ideal Spine Posture

The ideal spine position must be conditioned on its natural curves. However, due to our daily postural habit, the natural curves changes into imbalanced that can create condition such as kyphosis (hunch back), lordosis (sway-back) and scoliosis (side way curves). Yoga practice is best designed to work on these condition and help the spine to find its natural curves.

Our natural spine curves have these condition of normal kyphosis and lordosis. Problem appears when the curves grows into extreme condition or too much curved forward or backward. These extreme conditions mostly being developed through our daily lifestyle.

In our modern lifestyle with electronic gadgets and computer works, there are many people suffer from the condition of hunch back (kyphosis spine posture). Hunch back is known to the position where the shoulder and chest area are closed and the upper back curved extremely backwards causing pain around shoulders and neck, often also create headache and dizziness. In another condition known as lordosis or sway-back where the chest curves forward and the buttocks curves extremely backwards which causing a lot of back pain and stomach protruding forward.

The yoga practice to help the ideal spine posture require forward bending, back bending and twisting. However strengthening the lower part of the bod is very essential to be prepared. In this way, the practice will be a basic yoga practice which include basic asana practice (body posture) for strength and flexibility especially on the hips and chest area, pranayama and meditation.

Package & Investment:
• Ideal Spine 7 DAYS is USD 25
• Ideal Spine 14 DAYS is USD 40
• Ideal Spine 21 DAYS is USD 65
• Ideal Spine 28 DAYS is USD 80

Payment must be done at the beginning of the course. Payment sent through paypal account

On each package I will send you daily video through email. This video will be able to be downloaded to repeat your personal practice at home. Every 3 days, we can arrange video call through whatsapp or skype to speak about what be improved and your progress in the practice.

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