Private Online Yoga from Bali

Private online yoga classes now available from Bali! It is time to come back to the tranquility of the island of gods and feel the energy that lighten up your mind and body. Online yoga class from Bali give unique taste of nature and ambiance which guide the mind into the calmness, and bring the body to well being state.

Online private yoga is best to do every morning to start the day with blissful feeling and release from pain and stiffness. Private yoga online help to increase stamina and boost immune system. Each program of private online yoga designed to reach the personal goal. Private online yoga session completed with personal consultation to help release self-boundaries. Living life to the fullest!

60 up to 90 minutes per session

Terms and Condition
• Private online yoga class provided on Zoom, Google Meeting or Whatsapp.
• Online yoga private provide online personal consultation to achieve specific goals.
• Private online yoga broadcasting from Bali, provide the Bali ambience close to nature and tranquility.

Benefit of Online Private Yoga Classes
• Private Online Yoga provide the space to center the mind. For the mind that always wonder and having problem with relaxation can bring illness to the body.
• Online private yoga with Bali ambience fill the missing part for all travelers who have missed Bali. Online provide yoga class you can bring Bali ambience to your home.
• Bali private online yoga can be directed to aim your specific needs.
• Online private yoga to fix back pain with yoga.
• Private yoga online to fix shoulder pain with yoga, physical exercise and breathing practice.
• Bali online private yoga help to increase hamstring flexibility.
• Online yoga Bali session can also be down for a quick morning stretch with yoga.

Please inform us if you have recent injuries. Prepare your yoga space before the class started. Please drink enough water and have enough sleep to induce the benefit of yoga online to your body.

Asana yoga stretching physical exercise for health

Private Online Yoga Classes started from USD 5$ !
Per session USD 5$
Packet 3 sessions per week USD 12$
Packet 5 sessions per week USD 20$
Packet 7 session per week (daily practice) USD 30$
Time and schedule discussed while booking on progress.

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