Private Online Sound Healing from Bali

Sound Healing is available at home! Broadcasting from the island of Gods, Bali. Bring the breeze of Bali with the healing energy of sound to your lounge. Each of the online sound healing session is a meditation practice to release tension on your body and settle down your mind. When the body store tension, fear is being formed on the mental body. As fear is the source negative feelings and emotions.

Private online sound meditation can help to release tension in the body, as the mind is settle down with mental obstacles. Illness and disease is being formed by tension in the mental condition through emotions and feelings that is being suppressed which make difficulties for the body to relax.
The vibration of online sound healing from Bali brings positive energy to you. Blessed by the powerful ancient mantra, chants and pray can heal anyone’s mind and soul.

45 up to 60 minutes per session

Terms and Condition
• Private online sound healing class provided on Zoom, Google Meeting or Whatsapp.
• Online sound healing private provide online personal consultation to achieve specific goals.
• Private online sound healing broadcasting from Bali, provide the Bali ambiance close to nature and tranquility.

Benefit of Online Private Yoga Classes
• Private Online sound healing provide the space to center the mind. For the mind that always wonder and having problem with relaxation can bring illness to the body.
• Online private sound healing with Bali ambience fill the missing part for all travelers who have missed Bali. Bali online sound healing class you can bring Bali ambience to your home.
• Bali private online sound healing can be directed to aim your specific needs.
• Online private sound healing to settle down negative emotion such as anxiety, fear or confusion helping the body and mind become more relaxed.
• Private sound healing online session can also be done before sleep to increase memories.

Please inform our teachers if you have specific need for the practice. Prepare your comfortable practice space indoor before the class started where you can sit and finally lie down. Please drink enough water and have enough sleep to induce the benefit of sound healing online to your body.

Ancient Javenase Mantra of Sound Healing vibration

Private Online Sound Healing Classes started from USD 8$ !
Per session USD 8$
Packet 3 sessions per week USD 21$
Time and schedule discussed while booking on progress.

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