About Healing Breath Programs

The practice of Healing Breath Programs mainly based on the breath work itself. On our retreats we combine movements of fascia release and asana, meditation, noble silence and healthy nourishment for the purpose of clearing the mind. On each of the breath work session we combine energetic healing and spiritual act from our teachers and facilitators ensure the space is secured from distractions, thus our practice can be more efficient.

Healing Breath Open Class, starts with introduction of understanding the reality. Including explanation of feelings, where does feelings comes from, what creates trauma, why we have trauma, does everyone has trauma, what does the effect of having trauma and how can we heal trauma. Continue with the understanding of the breathing technique and how to perform practice efficiently. In this class, facilitators perform the energetic healing during the class allows each of the participants to experience their own feelings and get through their powerful healing process.

Healing Breath programs is one of the most powerful tools to tap in to our feelings which sometimes is not easy for us. Why do we need to understand our feelings? And what is the challenges in the practice?

Breathing is the door way to access both of your conscious and unconscious mind. The practice of conscious breathing allows us to respond calmly and sensibly in the face of challenge, we learn to deal with whatever arises in life without denial and panic. All healing is about returning to our normal state, and breathing practice is a self respond method to return to our natural state. More benefits here.

Healing Breath Programs:

Healing Breath Open Class

Healing Breath Semi-Private Class

Healing Breath Weekend Retreat

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