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One of the biggest enemy in yoga practice is ignorance. In fact, ignorance is the only thing that create boundaries in our life to progress. However, as beginners practitioners most time we do not see the form of the ignorance when it appears in our life. The practice of Healing Breath might not become the easiest way, but it is definitely become one of the most powerful practice to open the sight of our conscious understanding, thus we allow more knowledge to be explored.

In every Healing Breath session, we talk and discuss deeply about the understanding of nature of mind. How does the mind work, and why we get stuck in trauma and get depressed. We also discuss about the reality on the five basic rough elements that become the main materials that form our body. These elements have different characteristics in physical and mental state which relate to different part of our circulation system in the body physically, mentally and emotionally. Understanding the work of this elements can help us to protect and maintain our body system for a long and happy life.

Via Wijaya

Via is a yoga teacher, inner beauty and chakra healer. She also the founder of Healing Breath therapeutic breathing and trauma release. Her background study on social science and communication, gives her deeper understanding about the general situation to each of her client, passing through the realization to the reality of life.

She has practice yoga since 2006 and completed studies of Hatha yoga, Yin Yoga and Trigger Point therapy, Flyhigh yoga and Spine Therapy, Mindful Insight Meditation, Inner Beauty Healing and Therapeutic Breathing & Trauma Release for the complete teaching for asana, pranayama through breathwork and meditation.

The Inner Beauty Healing is a combination of breathing practice, energetic healing and meditation especially helps to calm the mind. The technique is using focus and concentration, gentle physical movement and breath gaining the tranquility in the mind which beneficial for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. This practice helps to emit the inner beauty of the practitioners to be expressed on the surface or their physical and mental state to bring harmony in life.

The Healing Breath Therapeutic Breathing and Trauma Release involves a simple technique that opens up the full potential of the breathing system for a better physical health and emotional well being. This breathing practice is a self-healing modality. The technique helps to integrate suppressed emotions and feelings through the process of re-experiencing them within the breathing practice. It is a regular breathing practice that has been known to eliminate sickness, addiction, psychosomatic illness, stress, depression, trauma and many other disorder. By increasing our breath we increase our life and can access more energy. Breath is also the main way for our body to detoxify. The combination of breathing and energy work helps many of her client to release emotional and mental tension which bring calmness to the mind for a peaceful feelings through day to day life.

Asana class include the alignment movements of physical body and breathing slowly. Meditation and practice of concentration become the core to link each conscious movements. At the end of each practice is closed with energetic healing and relaxation. the understanding of Energetic Healing, Trigger point massage and spinal flow, Sound healing through mantra and meditation makes every of her class become very special. most students feel energized, yet very calm after taking her asana classes. Many of them also feel the energetic healing touches their feeling and cleanse negative thoughts, which help very much for a clear sights of their feelings.

She starts practices yoga for her own self-healing. While she started to teach and share more of her findings through her practice, she finds a tremendous progress in her life. She experiences life improvement is every aspect, including physical health, mental understanding, relationships and the point of view about her general life.


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