Bali Healing Session & Retreat

Bali Healing Session and Retreat is performed at our humble home, surrounded by tranquil ambiance of Bali nature, rice fields, fresh air and warm sun. Here at the save place, we have the space to allow ourselves to become more open. In this opportunity, the body and the mind can be synchronized for a deeper understanding and wisdom.

During Bali Healing Session and Retreat you will learn not only breathing technique, but also theory and practice of insight meditation, yoga asana, relaxation and self-understanding.

Our team is a community of teachers, yogis and meditators who will give support and space for you to heal yourself. During retreat you will stay close to the nature and surrounded by local Balinese beauty. 

Retreat space can be viewed here.

For further retreat information please drop email to

Whatsapp: +628176881511 (text only)

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