Most function in our body is either conscious or unconscious. For example, our heart beat is unconscious, it happens without control and we cannot stop it. The movements of our arms is conscious, it only moves when we move it.

The breath is unique. Most of the time our breathing happens unconsciously without any thought. It happens automatically. In this way, a restricted breathing pattern can be formed unconsciously too! Restricted breathing pattern often become a reflection of our unconscious negative emotions. However, breathing can also become part of the conscious function, when we breathe mindfully.

Deep – slow – connected breathing uses full movement of the belly, diaphragm and chest area gives the opportunity for a suppressed feelings to arise to the surface and allow the unexpressed charge to be released.

Other benefits can be felt on different levels:

Physical level:

  • Restore oxygen in the body to live an optimal life.
  • Help 70% of the blood circulation especially on mid-torso area. Breath deeply also nourish blood vessels.
  • Deep diaphragm breathing tones and massages the heart, liver and other internal organ.
  • Breathing properly strengthens the immune system. Long exhalation is the major way our body can get rid of toxin. If we are not breathing enough then toxin remain in the body and pass back in to the circulation.
  • Increase mental focus, concentration, memory, the ability to learn and assimilate information are all effected by the quality of our breathing.
  • In general, regular breathing practice eliminate sickness, addiction, psychosomatic, stress, disorder, etc; And regain physical well being.

Emotional Level:

  • How we breath effects ho we approach life and deal with feelings and emotions. As we are tend to suppress/ repress emotions that are too painful to be felt.
  • Release emotional charge that was stuck in us, in the body and our cells.

When faced with an emotion or feeling we do not want to feel, we restrict our breathing in order to prevent the flow of the feeling. As it is said “breathing equal feeling”. If there are things that we are holding down, that we have not let come to the surface to be felt and experienced consciously, they take energy from us to hold down in subconscious, even if we are unaware about them. When we try to hold back crying, we breathe less – this shows that stopping breathing equal stopping us from feeling.

Spiritual Level:

  • Helps on meditation practice
  • May feel strong connection with god/ the universe

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