Healing Breath Open Class May 2017


DAY/ DATE              : SATURDAY, 27 APRIL 2017

TIME                        : 15.00 – 18.00

INVESTMENT        : IDR 250.000

SPACE                      : LIMITED TO 12 PARTICIPANTS


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Why do we practice in group? In some ways people prefer to practice on their own, but some other feels more open and get bigger benefit when they practice in group. Both ways with people they know, or strangers. When faced with real feelings (that might not be uncomfortable), the thinking mind start the “politic games” to make complicated thoughts and makes us confused. But when a person get through that, they will understand that being in a group is not only become one of the best way to be connected with others, but also to connect with self.



Being Vulnerable

“When I finally surrender, I don’t have to fight anymore. People who loves me stay close with me, and those who hurt me stay away.”

Being vulnerable is not only about being susceptible to physical or emotional attacks (harm). It is more about being strong to surrender to the destiny. Being vulnerable is not only about needing a special care or support or protection due to age, disability or risk to be abused or neglected. It is more about being brave to make decision and commit to do our best in this life, with full intention to fulfill the desire to become content, and continuously finding out and learning from mistakes.

Being vulnerable is the only thing that we can do for ourselves, to surrender and stop fighting for a little bit (at this moment). Being vulnerable is when we are continuously making efforts to be our best, but at the same time accepting whatever comes and consciously being grateful for what we have had.

Being vulnerable is accepting that everyone’s life have purpose and meaning differently. Being vulnerable is accepting that sometimes things are not always goes the way we want. Being vulnerable is accepting life as what is.

Sometimes I wish it’s easy to do all these things. We shall keep learning from life to be vulnerable.


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Healing Breath Semi-Private Apr 2017 #2


DAY/ DATE              : THURSDAY, 20 APRIL 2017

TIME                        : 13.00 – 16.00

INVESTMENT        : IDR 350.000

SPACE                      : LIMITED TO 4 PARTICIPANTS

TEACHER                : VIA WIJAYA

About Via Wijaya at Healing Breath programs here.

A glance about Healing Breath:

Healing Breath is a breathing practice that involve slow-deep-continuous breathing. This deep connective breathing is one through the belly and chest with slow and soft rhythm breath. While breathing like this, the body get in touch with feelings that has been “incubated” inside. The objective of the practice is to connect with this feeling, admit the feeling, express and finally let go of the feelings (that doesn’t need to stay in the body). Feelings that has been stored deep in the body is (most of the time) related to some trauma that we experienced in our earlier time.

“What the mind has forgotten, the body remembers long after.”

In other words, the body still experiencing that trauma even the trauma has done long time ago. That’s is why connecting and understanding how we feel is very important in order understand who we are and what should we do in our life.

On the practice day, we will have discussion to understand the separation about feelings and emotions, how to get in touch with the feelings itself through breathing practice.


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My Self-Awareness

The value (worthy) that we give to ourselves is reflected on the behavior of our act towards others. And that is how people perceive us as a whole.

Self aware is not only about our appearance. But, it is more about being mindful of what we do especially towards other and ourselves as well. Continuously watching our behavior. How we talk, how we respond to others, how we give feedback. Does our attitude “polite enough” that it can be accepted by the heart of the consciousness?

When we are mindful of ourselves, the way we speak touch other people’s heart. The way we look at their eyes feel each of their breath and bring deeper connection with them. They way we touch, teach them how to be vulnerable. And it is not easy to act this way. Because in order to be able to act this way, we need to approach ourselves first. Be honest and polite to ourselves and commit to be continuously taking care of ourselves.

Honesty is probably the hardest task in this life. Because when we are honest (to ourselves), we will see the horrible things that hurts us most and created that pain again. But, there in no way out anyway. The only way to understand the pain is to face it once again, feel it and accept it. That it is already happen.

And our body such an intelligent vehicle. The body will give signs (of sickness) when the feeling is getting to much. Selfishness cause to the illness in the stomach area, sadness cause to the illness in the chest area, fear cause to the illness on the kidney, bladder and hamstring, hatred or envy create illness in the heart organ and rage create the illness in the liver organ. This knowledge is based on the teaching of Cosmology and the meridian line of Chinese medicine, both science have been used to cure many types of illness for many years.

Once of my good friend told me that he just got bronchitis problem, and this illness caused him cough so much. And then I asked him if he wanted to do some breath work, I will be happy to assist. His answer was “Not now..” I know for fact that he knew, this process is going to be painful. The breath will show him what actually cause his sickness, and in the mean time he doesn’t want to know about it. I said, “I’ll be here when you are ready.”



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Start the Practice Now!

The practice starts with a question “What is your most difficult feeling?”

As we get along with our busy days, the sun comes up and goes down quickly. We don’t seem to be able enjoy the day as we are continuously busy with our thoughts and ideas. The body goes along with the thoughts, carry such a heavy weight of responsibility to fulfill all of the obligation, complete task and responsibilities. It doesn’t seem like we have time even to stop for a minutes and enjoy our own breath on this kind of day. Unfortunately, this is all we have learned for the entire time of our life, in our school, college and now at the work place.

We all have needs to be completed. Money to buy food for us and our family, monthly electricity bills, petrol and transports, clothes and blanket to keep us warm and many other stuff we cannot mention one by one. Does it mean that we are not allowed to enjoy our life even for a little bit, understand what is the essence of living and what is the purpose of our life? We can surely enchanted by the glamorous night life with boost, pretty girls and nice looking shoes. Believe it or not this entertainments are not long lasting. Even thought we have a great party night, there is something missing, something feels incomplete and still we crave more for this feeling of contentment.

Our breath has been with us from the first second we arrive in this life, and yet it never got appreciated. We have forgotten our breath entirely. We have forgotten that we are complete with it and it completes us. Even sometimes we forget to breathe.

When you start to practice with your breath, you have no other choice but to be honest. There is no way out, unless you allow it to be opened. And honestly, to open the breath is effortless. It is so easy that we have the desire to complicate it. Just like the nature of our life.

Our breath witnesses each time of memories of our life. The breath knew when was the time it was painful and also knew when was the time it was nice and beautiful. Each of the most powerful memories comes with the expression of breathing, whether it was fast or slow. And those are the gate of knowledge to pursue the wisdom from our past so we can all safe ourselves from suffering the same old life pattern, making the same mistakes, chasing tales.


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Healing Breath Semi-Private Apr 2017


DAY/ DATE             : THURSDAY, 13 APRIL 2017

TIME                       : 13.00 – 16.00

INVESTMENT        : IDR 350.000

SPACE                    : LIMITED TO 4 PARTICIPANTS

TEACHER              : VIA WIJAYA

About Via Wijaya at Healing Breath programs here.

When we faced with stress situation, our body will automatically respond in flight or fight mode. Or if the stress is too much, sometimes the body respond with freeze mode. In this trauma situation, the body remembers the most. Each trauma situation carries feelings within each memories, and those feelings stays in the body. What the mind has forgotten, the body remembers long after.

Healing Breath Semi-Private Class is three to four hours of breath work session, maximum 4 participants. With less participants, our facilitators will be able to direct their attention to each participants deeper throughout the practice, this way the participants can be more focus on their own practice and allow the release to happen. The agenda of the Healing Breath Semi-Private Class include:

  • Self introduction & intention setting, introduction about breathing, core of the problem, benefits, expectation, breathing techniques and breathing practice (75 minutes)
  • Toilet break (10 minutes)
  • Breath work and healing (70 minutes)
  • Awakening, sharing, and closing (45 minutes)
  • Nourishment and free time



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Open Class March 2017

“I have learned that is only through courage, we can all find that profound space within us.”

The healing journey has become even deeper nowadays. Most participants reached out their feelings and started to understand “the pain”. Sometimes (in fact most of the time), this is not the most beautiful place to visit. Yet, only by understanding it, allowing it to happen and accept that it has happened, it only can be released.

The battle with the fabricated mind is still on! See you in April.

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