Denpasar Yoga Festival, July 2017

It is true that we start this journey because there is a desire to change. And yet, only through a sincere intention this journey is completed.

I would like to thank you to all participants and facilitator who has helped me in this profound experience. It is true that we see ourselves in people surround us. Each of us have and understand each other, because we are part of each other.

The sadness that you feel, has the same quality with the sadness that I feel. We might have different suffering and difficulties, but the quality of the feelings are the same.

This is how we will communicate to each other.

Thank you for sharing, I’m honored to have practice with you all.

– Via Wijaya –


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Open Class March 2017

“I have learned that is only through courage, we can all find that profound space within us.”

The healing journey has become even deeper nowadays. Most participants reached out their feelings and started to understand “the pain”. Sometimes (in fact most of the time), this is not the most beautiful place to visit. Yet, only by understanding it, allowing it to happen and accept that it has happened, it only can be released.

The battle with the fabricated mind is still on! See you in April.

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Open Class Feb 2017

“Experiencing compassion” is probably the best tittle for this practice. Togetherness, caring, and understanding others is also part of the practice. As most of us have experienced loneliness or feelings of separation and unconnected, this day was a good day to practice and reconnect with other.

Thank you all for sharing.


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Retreat at Landih (2016)

One of the greatest honor is to practice is such a beautiful space. Healing Breath Bali practiced at Landih Ashram, Kintamani offers a profound experience. The space is located in the center point of Mount Agung on the eastern part, and Mount Batur in the western part. One of the strongest melting point from the essence of nature to meet up!

Healing Breath Bali practice was started with pray, meditation and blessing, fascia unwinding, and then continue with introduction, breathing practice, and summarized with open-heart sharing. Support activities of the practice include asana practice, a walk to coffee plantation and fun day out. The 15 participants, mix foreign expat and local Balinese and Indonesian citizen create a deep bonding to each other.

Thank you all for sharing.

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