The Energetic Healing and Spiritual Act

As spiritual practitioners, we believe there are always an energetic force that takes place in every action in our practice. This energetic force is something we cannot see, nothing to smell nor touch. But it exists within the practice. It is indeed, only work efficiently if we have faith in our healing process.

For us, modern intellect people, we have been depending a lot on our senses in learning about our reality. “We look through a key hole and yet sometime when we have opportunity to widen the key hole in such way we cannot imagine. We refuse to receive the knowledge.” – the Ancient One.

This healing only happen in two ways. Generally happens with a basic form of “Attract – Manifest – Project” nature law. The process is definitely happens through the heart, within the touch of the feelings. We are not talking about any religion here, although concept of religion have the same purpose for the kindness of humanity. Religions make rules for those who needed it, to make their thinking mind a little bit more settle and may introduce discipline for their purpose of a meaningful life. Those who has got through this understanding take the concept of religion into deeper understanding, often called as the learning spirituality. Spirituality is nothing more and nothing less than understanding the feeling itself.

Learning spirituality is effortless. The first step, is to create strong fundamental base by learning to become quiet, both in mental mind and physical body. By being quiet, some feelings might arise. Believe it or not, we work a lot with feelings on our day-to-day life.

Our feelings attracts other similar feelings (from other people), either we realize it or not most of the time we project that feelings to other people, so they become like what we want them to feel. Therefore we manifest the exact situation we expect to happen. This all work very fast, and most of the time happen without us realizing it.

The way that we work on this energetic healing is by aligning with the feelings, and help support to allow the feelings to be expressed and admitted in a saved space. Thus emotional releases allows participants to re-experience trauma or pain. This act helps the body to re-print the understanding that those pains has passed, and now we live in the saved space to gain trust and security within itself.

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The Breath

As many of us seek new avenues to health, longevity, peace and prosperity, we usually overlook the most important thing we can do for ourselves: BREATHING. Most of us live our entire lives paying little or no attention to how we breathe. We have no clue as to the important of proper breathing and how deeply it affects the quality of our lives.

Often the modern medicine has not yet realized the value of working directly with the respiratory system in the treatment of respiratory symptoms. When we seek medical help for respiratory condition, we are usually just given inhalers and drugs indefinitely to treat the symptoms, often with no hope of actually addressing the cause to relieve the problem permanently. People with respiratory problems usually have lifelong history of issues around breathing. In other words, not only that the breathing is shut down, they also tend to have deep-seated negative beliefs and feelings that are directly related to the function of breathing itself.

Many people suffer a short-breathing-pattern, which can caused of hypoventilation or hyperventilation. This habit brings illness health, long term health problem such as obesity, sleep apnea, anxiety, etc. Even asthmatic breathing pattern simply describe as a continuous tightening of the muscles directly below the breastbone (sternum), this constriction prohibit the full release of the breath. Most of the problems are caused by unexpressed feelings that has inhibited the body.

Healing Breath practice slow and deep continues breathing which allows the emotional release happens throughout the body. Carry away the trauma and sickness on the physical body, living a relaxed and relieve feelings both on the body and mental state. Continuous practice of the Healing Breath helps to encourage a meditative state of mind to engage in everyday life. This way we all may experience our daily life mindfully and allow us to live in the present moment.

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