Earth smells of nice fragrant and aromatic essence. It tastes sweet like honey or sugar. The earth element has the quality feelings of compassion, caring and empathy. These are people that attract others to be open to them. On the other side, when imbalanced, the earth element may have the quality feeling of selfishness or self-centered.

In relation with other elements, Earth element support/ strengthen Metal element and it attacks Water element. It means that when the Earth element is too strong, it can weaken the Water element and makes Metal element stronger. This can relates to the (feeling) quality of each elements.

The practice to balance the Earth element is to practice equanimity, understanding that all people are the same. We have no different. We all made by the same material. We all have the same difficulties. My suffering is not more difficult than your suffering, and vise versa your suffering is not more difficult that mine.

The earth elements relates to the stomach area and overall digestion system in the body.

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