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Yoga Asana for Body Detoxification

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Yoga Asana for Insomnia

Yoga Asana for Depression & Trauma Release


The nature of our reality is finding balance. Our body and our mind quickly shift into the path of progress and learning. And here we are, living the time of evolution.

The journey yoga practice, may be started from physical exploration. As long as the body needs exercises and practice, as well as the mind. Each practitioners must continue the journey throughout the mental exploration as well. In this way, we can complete the perfect circle of balance between the mind and body.

Holistic yoga practice must be performed by considering all aspect of yoga which at least include: Asana, Pranayama and Meditation. The base of yoga practice must be built from the understanding of the condition of the body, the breath and the mind.

Each practice must be performed with dedication and must be done continuously without interruption. Thus, the condition of well-being will be achieved.

Personal practices must be designed based on personal needs and intention. This is the way for the practice can be directed to progress towards the ultimate goal.
Yoga at home is the best option we can provide for ourselves. The practice is being done in the space that make us feel safe and comfortable.

meditation with via wijaya

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“Asana” is a Sanskrit word, which meaning can directly be described as “our manner or our behavior”. With this understanding, asana practice must be performed both “on the mat” and “off the mat.”

The way we walk and the way we sit define our asana. The way we bring ourselves in our daily life (off the mat) influence the progress of our asana practice on the mat. We continuously bringing ourselves into this reality that gives direct meaning to the transformation of our practice.

In detail, yoga asana can be described as the practice of physical movements that is being performed within procedures as following details based from a lineage of teaching (i.e Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, etc). Yoga asana practice is known as a specific position that is being conditioned for our physical body within a momentum period of time, also known as yoga pose or yoga postures. Through the asana practice, our physical body can slowly learn to repair itself without constricted forced and in a balance way.

The asana must be performed carefully and with awareness. This is the way for the physical body can be directed in such way that it can find comfort and safety.



“Pranayama” derives from the words “prana” which described as “life energy/ the energy of life” and “yama” which can be understood as “relationship or interaction”. The understanding of pranayama practice can be started from our relationship and interaction with the energy of life itself.

The practice of pranayama is being performed by regulation of the breath. Breath has become the core and the base of pranayama practice and thus being extended throughout all practice of yoga, including yoga asana and meditation.

Regulation of breath means understanding the flow of the breaths. Being aware to the process of changing between inhalation, retention and exhalation. Within this practice we learn to calm the mind and cultivate focus and concentration.


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Practice of meditation is aimed to achieve progress of focus and concentration. Focus means being able to recognize one object of meditation. And concentration means being able to maintain focus towards certain object of meditation is the length period of moments without interruption.

The nature of mind is conditioned always within a constant changes. Content of thoughts, for example, changes rapidly and constantly. In this condition, our ultimate task is to recognize the constant changes.

When the mind is settled, our focus become easily directed. In this way we are able to define the content of our thoughts. Meditation is the only way of life. This is the only way to understand the meaning of life itself.



  • Those who need to “slow down”
  • Those who have physical injuries
  • Those who works at the office and have long hours of sitting
  • Those who are trying to be in their ideal posture
  • Those who need to find a balanced daily habit
  • Those who has postural injuries
  • People who stress out with daily routine
  • People who seek for life changes
  • People who have breathing problem or difficulties of breathing
  • People who have problem to physical pain or discomfort
  • People who has uncontrolled thoughts and cannot focus their mind
  • People who has problem with their self-confident
  • People who are working with trauma release
  • Those victims of “black magic”

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Understanding Trauma (Part 2)

In the first stage of the golden age (0 – 7 years old) a human child learn about the expansion if the physical and material expression. In this reality a human child must have fulfilled the feeling and emotion of satisfaction and security in order to be able to continue his journey to the next level of expansion.

The next level of growth happens during the two stages during age 7 – 14 years old and continue from 14 – 21 years old. In this year of life a human child learn the expansion of their mental expression. The mental expression needs a longer time to be developed as it needs a lot of things to adapt and re-arranges for an understanding can be met, and therefore wisdom can be fulfilled.

During these two stages of golden age, a child learn about the expression of love and kindness, also the expression of rejection and dislike. Furthermore, a child learn about their self-value which indicate by the way they treat others. The way they respect others, indicate how much they respect themselves. Even though, in this stage a child is still learning of “what respect means”, but they already have instinct from what they have learned in the previous stage.

This chain of growth cannot be separated.

Mostly, adults who has trauma disorder or stress disorder is caused by some phenomena that was happening during these golden ages.

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Understanding Trauma (Part 1)

Trauma is not what is happening to us, but instead it is the effect of what have left within us.

It is not the event when the pain was created that makes trauma, but instead it is the emotion and feelings that was left behind after that specific painful experience that makes problem of trauma. This is the reason why most of the medical study of trauma is called this case as “Post Trauma and Stress Disorder (PTSD)”

Trauma is being created when a pure soul must face terrifying truth of phenomena without knowing the way out or single solution of the problem he face. Thus, mostly the tragedy that create the effect of trauma is being created when a human child live in between age 0 – 25 years old.

During this age, a human child is still learning and trying to figure out their purpose of life. And yet, when this idea is being interfere with any idea of morality, culture or religion, then the wisdom and knowledge has become impure and toxic. When a human child is learning about their life, they must be provided a space of freedom to express their desire and will. In order for them to know themselves and their goal in life.

The golden age of growth always turn every 7 years of a human life. A human child will learn a significant knowledge and wisdom they will understand in every turning 7 years. On the first turning, a human child learn about the first stage of safety. In this level they must understand the meaning and the feeling of being saved and secure. This will help them to grow to a further exploration.

From age 1 up to age 7 years of a human child, the care taker must provide a safe, secure environment where a child can express their feeling without restriction nor limitation. They might need guidance, however the guidance must be given in a way that they can understand or they can learn to understand, not being forced.

If restriction happen during this age, the first stage of trauma is being create: which is the trauma of security. The child will grow older without knowing what security means. And they must at all time, longer time, finding out for themselves “what does it mean to be saved and secured?” This is as same as living life in nightmare, where we must face our ghost every single time.

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Our Breath and Our Emotions

When we have our breath, nobody can steal our peace.

Our breath has a very close relationship with our emotions and feelings. Imagine when we are happy, our breath feels more relieving. But, when we are scared, our breath become interrupted and even stopped. Also when we are sad or crying, our breath cannot flow freely, it feels restricted and difficult to breath.

Our emotions influences the way we breathe as well. When the emotion is fluctuated, often we (directly) hold our breath. When we are surprised, often also we hold our breath. But, when we are relaxed and not under pressure, our breath become free and comfortable. This is how we can see directly and tangibly of the relationship of our breath and our emotion and feelings.

Why does the breath and the emotion have such close relationship?

Technically, from the beginning of the creation. The first cell that is created before the body is created, are the cell of our brain. Which is part of the brain that we called as Limbic System. Limbic system of the brain is the first part that is being created when we live as an embryo. This Limbic system later on create many parts such as hypothalamus, thalamus, amygdala and pituitary gland. This Limbic system is working throughout all process of memories during the lifetime of the cells.

Even when part of the body is not yet perfect, the Limbic system has recorded all of the knowledge from the experiences and founding that is being learned by the senses of the cells. This recording are being made as “feelings”. Therefore the communication form of feelings are the very basic communication of all cells. Even when it is a simple ones.

As the embryo grows, the organs also growing. Inside the womb we are not yet using our respiratory system to breath. We are breathing with our mother. At this moment, our brain also learn throughout all feelings and emotions that is being represented by our caretaker. And finally, when the day we born we start to lean our first breath.

As a baby, we cannot operate our body as its function. We still lean how to move our fingers and toes. What we can do is only breath and use our senses through the language of feelings. Therefore the first and most significant source of knowledge that we learn in this life is: (1) Our Breathing and (2) Our Feelings. As we haven’t yet be able to use words to express our feelings. We use instead our breathing and emotions to express our desire.

The two language of breath and feelings are the language that we use from the beginning of this life as a human being, therefore these two language have very close relationship to each other to support the expression of our physical body.

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Breathing Pattern

What does “breathing pattern” means? Breathing pattern is a systematic rhythm of breath that is being created by our nervous system and our brain to regulate the respiratory system in the “normal” state for day to day life.

This rhythm of breath changes every time and every moment. Based on the situations and conditions that is being presented to the body. For example, when we feel relaxed, our breathing become slow, soft and long. However, when we are faced with some busy tasks or job, our breathing become fast and short. And when we are faced with some shocking condition or phenomena, our breathing stops for little moment. This rhythm is very normal and happens all the time to us. And mostly, we have similar breathing pattern to each other.

The differences of the pattern can be made caused of different life style. For example, when we have busy life style, where everything must be fast, our breath become fast and short. However, when our life style is slow and relaxing, our breathing become longer, softer and it is easier for you to feel your breath. Location where we live also define our breathing rhythm, for example when we live in big cities, full of dust and pollution, our breath become short and restricted. However, when we live in small village, close to nature and surrounded by trees, our breath become longer and freer.

Now the real question is: Do we know what is the quality of our breathing pattern?

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Healing Breath April 2020

Program date: 18 April 2020

Program description
Healing breath is a breathwork therapy combining meditation with a simple technique of breathing help to release trauma and stress. In this way can help body recovery, re-balance hormones and circulation in the body.

Within this 1-day workshop, it includes morning asana practice, breathing practice, theory and explanation about meditation and practice meditation. The whole activity that can help you to understand you current condition and somewhat finding the way out or approach for you to free yourself from of this burden. Thus, your mind will be finally in peace.

This is one of the best things to do in sanur, you will learn and practice how to take care of yourself with a simple technique that you can practice at your home / country.

What to Expect
• Physically improve body circulation
• Mentally support to let go trauma that can cause serious illness
• Restore oxygen capacity in the body
• Calm down nervous system and help relaxation
• Practice meditation with intellect explanation and understanding of its benefit

Term and Condition
• Learning and practice with experienced teachers
• 3 times meals (breakfast, lunch and coffee break)
• In-depth workshop and practice breathwork technique to release trauma and stress
• In-depth workshop and practice of meditation and how to apply meditation practice in daily life
• Airfare
• Accommodation
• Transportation and Pick up
• Personal Expenses

Healing Breath practice is a powerful breathing technique help to release trauma and stress. This one day workshop is targeting those who want to change their life, by releasing their trauma behind and start a new way of life by understanding and opening up to the new opportunities ahead.

Daily Schedule
07.00 – 08.30 : Morning Yin Yang (yoga class)
08.30 – 10.00 : Anti gravity yoga (yoga class)
10.00 – 10.30 : Light breakfast
10.30 – 12.30 : Healing Breath
12.30 – 13.30 : Big Lunch
13.30 – 15.30 : Theory and practice meditation
15.30 – 16.00 : Coffee Break
16.00 – 17.30 : Theory and practice meditation

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Breathwork Friday

Healing Breath is a slow-deep-continuous technique of the earth breath. Physically, this practice help to rebalance oxygen capacity in the body and transfer oxygen in places of the body that mostly are not getting oxygen in normal daily life. Mentally, this breathing technique helps to induce restricted mental sensations arise to the bodily sensation, and with help and support can be released during practice.

Human child born in this physical reality bringing purpose (wisdom) and also limitations. Wisdom are those self-understanding that we will learn from our personal-life experiences. While limitations are mostly caused by the birth process itself. There are at least four stages of prenatal matrix must be experienced by a human child before finally arrive in the haven of earth. Within the prenatal matrixes, a human child must taste and get through all darkness of deep-feeling experiences, such as fear/ insecurities, loneliness, separation, and physical difficulties that caused by the weight of gravity.

Unrecognized, these feelings are stored deep down in our sub-conscious-self. When our awareness and focus is weak and uncontrolled, means we have difficulties in focusing and the mind is very fast changing, wild, un-tamed and full of wondering thoughts; this deep-feeling give influenced to all of our action and deed. When our action is not what we want. When we do something we don’t love, this can cause problems.
The healing breath practice is a self-healing practice to recognize the form of this deep-feeling, help to release and express this feelings in order for it not to weight us down.

What to learn :
 Learn release blockages with a specific movements of fascia unwinding
 Learn to regulate breath that can bring calmness in the mind
 Learn to relax the body and allow the body to rest

What to expect :
 Relaxation in physical body
 Stillness in the mind and mental state
 Surrounded by calm and peaceful nature
 Relieve, motivated, and feeling of freedom

Term & Conditions :
Include :
 Tea and snacks
 Practice healing breath technique
 Energetic healing and relaxation
 Practice and study supports
 Yoga mat and other props

Exclude :
 Accommodation
 Transportation
 Personal expenses or medication

Note :
Healing Breath technique can be practiced by everyone, in any age. There is never too late to practice this self-healing skill and you can continue to practice this by yourself.
You may also informed us for your current condition and things you are working on at the moment, to get deeper insight of what can be improved throughout the retreat.

Session paid by donation

Schedule :
15.00 – 16.00 : Arrival, introduction and herbal teas
16.00 – 16.30 : Fascia unwinding
16.30 – 18.00 : Breathing practices


breathwork-friday-healing retreat bali

Transformation Weekend


Transformation weekend is one night of self-healing retreat with practice of yoga, meditation and breathwork and sound healing retreat program which best choice of things to do in Ubud. Through the night, we will be practicing in-depth exploration of the intellect through the understanding of meditation within sound and silent. Incorporating with transformation breathwork of Healing Breath help to release trauma, stress and tension in the body.

Being born as a human being is part of yoga. Yoga itself cannot be separated from our ordinary life. Yoga represent how we bring ourselves to the manifest the reality around us, and yet yoga shows us the path we must get through in order to become the best version of ourselves.

Within yoga practice; the meditation is filled up within each and every single moment of our doing and non-doing. Only balance between “art of doing” and “art of non-doing” can bring peaceful to an innocent heart. The heart itself must be cleanse from all defilements which causing much pain. In this term, we can use our intellect to make understanding of our own conditioning.

Meditation practice in this yoga retreat is being performed through asana, pranayama, silent meditation (which incorporating walking and seating meditation), breathing meditation and also sound meditation and healing. Healing session will be done through mantra, mudra and energetic cleansing to help the soul and spirit being purify and thus may act accordingly with pure intention.

This healing retreat may give you the feeling of relieve in your heart, for your mind is settle down with your pure feeling. This is the best state of mind to start the new path and new pattern of life, changing the path with knowledge that has known to be efficient to lift up and elevate the quality of life.

What to learn :
 Learn yoga asana: basic stretching to loosen up parts of joints and muscle, incorporating with natural breathing rhythm to create sense of safety to create fire in the body
 Learn pranayama: basic breathing technique using nostril, goal of the practice is to create stability and tranquility in the mind
 Learn samatha meditation: meditation with focus and concentration
 Learn vipassana meditation: meditation to attain wisdom
 Learn meditation with sound: collecting focus and concentration with sound to cultivate relaxation feeling throughout the body. This relaxation can become the first step of your healing progress
 Learn mantra and chanting
 Learn fascia unwinding, trauma release and relaxation with breathing technique

What to expect :
 Relaxation in physical body
 Release from destructive energy
 Self-empowerment from inspirations and supports
 Stillness in the mind and mental state
 New knowledge from different perspective of meditation life style
 Surrounded by calm and peaceful nature
 Relieve, motivated, and feeling of freedom

Term & Conditions :
Include :
 One night accommodation
 Breakfast, Lunch and snacks while staying
 Practice Yoga and meditation space and props
 Practice breath work and trauma release
 Energetic healing and relaxation
 Practice and study supports

Exclude :
 Transportation
 Personal expenses or medication

Note :
This transformation weekend is being done at our home, which surrounded by nature and rice fields. Most food we cook at our home is vegetarian food. Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies or restriction.
You may also informed us for your current condition and things you are working on at the moment, to get deeper insight of what can be improved throughout the retreat.

300.000 IDR for food and accommodation
Donation for practice

Schedule :
10.00 – 11.30 : Opening ceremony
11.30 – 13.00 : Preparation for lunch and lunch time
13.00 – 15.00 : Rest. Hour of silent
15.00 – 16.00 : Theory of Meditation
16.00 – 16.30 : Tea break
16.30 – 17.30 : Walking and seating meditation
17.30 – 18.00 : Rest and shower
18.00 – 19.30 : Yoga Asana Practice
19.30 – 20.30 : Light dinner, shower, tea
20.30 – 21.00 : Preparation of Sound Healing and meditation
21.00 – 22.30 : Sound Healing and meditation
22.30 – 06.00 : Sleep

06.00 – 06.30 : Wake up and shower
06.30 – 08.00 : Yoga Asana practice
08.00 – 10.00 : Breakfast
10.00 – 10.15 : Preparation for breathwork
10.15 – 12.30 : Breathwork and trauma release
12.30 – 14.00 : Lunch time
14.30 – 15.00 : Personal valuation and closing



Denpasar Yoga Festival, July 2017

It is true that we start this journey because there is a desire to change. And yet, only through a sincere intention this journey is completed.

I would like to thank you to all participants and facilitator who has helped me in this profound experience. It is true that we see ourselves in people surround us. Each of us have and understand each other, because we are part of each other.

The sadness that you feel, has the same quality with the sadness that I feel. We might have different suffering and difficulties, but the quality of the feelings are the same.

This is how we will communicate to each other.

Thank you for sharing, I’m honored to have practice with you all.

– Via Wijaya –


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Silent Healing Retreat (11 – 13 Aug 2017), Bali

This retreat combines the learning process through Dhamma journey of noble silence, meditation (which consist of walking and sitting meditation), yoga asana practice, breathing practice and discussion about Dhamma (in Buddhist term “Dhamma” means good deeds). The objective of the retreat is for one to experience and have understanding about the nature of physical and mental (non-physical) phenomena. Also to gain mindfulness, focus and concentration. And finally to gain insights from within their own wisdom.

Noble silence is the practice of deep silence in period of time in order to observe and analyze the occurring the both phenomena, physical and mental, within an individual. In this practice participants will not be allowed to make any contact nor connection with other participants. Participants will not speak during this practice, in order for them to observe the ability of their other senses including the physical and mental senses. The noble silence practice will be started on the first morning of the retreat and ends at the beginning of the closing ceremony.

Meditation practice will be divided into two terms, walking meditation and sitting meditation. Commonly walking meditation is the “pre practice” to prepare sitting meditation. One of our facilitator will explain what to do on walking meditation and all participants to follow. Thus, also applied on sitting meditation. Purpose of meditation practice is to maintain the peace and calmness of the mind (physical and mental state), in the longer term within the meditation practice yogi will be able to separate which one is distraction and which one is meditation object.

Dhamma Talk is a speech delivered by our teacher. Speech topic will be vary, to give an over view about the objective of the whole practice and how we connect the practice to our reality. Expected the speech will give insights of good deed in morality for all yogis, participants and facilitators.

Asana Yoga Practice will be practicing gentle hatha asana to give a gentle stretch each mornings before all starting the learning process. This way we can maintain the well being of both physical and mental body.

Breathing Practice (Healing Breath) programs is a collective programs to share and learn about breathing technique with a specific approach. The technique on Healing Breath eventually targeting to create tremor on the physical body in order for the body to create reaction in the mental and emotional expression state in the natural way. Why do we need to allow the body to express this mental state? Because in every single part of our physical body that was hurt or storing pain from the previous trauma, that part of the body will create “residue” or the waste energy in different form. When this waste is not being cleaned, it will stay in the body. This waste can be stored in the body in the form of water, gas, mucus, tears, etc. Thus waste if stored in a long term might cause damage to the inner organs.
In this practice, the breathing practice will have two option using blocks or not using blocks. For first time participants will not use block, regular participants may have option. Block will be placed under the shoulder blades, while participants lie down on their back. This way, tremor might be created during the practice. Tremor phenomena may help participants to release deep trauma and stretch (open up) the chest and lung muscles.

Benefit and expectation during retreat:
– Yogis have the right understanding about the nature of physical and mental phenomena of suffering
– Yogis can gain concentration, focus and have the right mindfulness during their daily activities
– Detoxifying the mind
– Bodily relaxation
– Trauma and stress release
– Gain physical and mental well-being (respect)
Retreat Location:
The retreat will be held at Swarna Dwipa Meditation Center at Bona Village, Blahbatuh Gianyar Regency. One of the most suitable space for this healing process. Please check out: or facebook: for details about the space and location. Please let me know if you need transport during this practice.

Early bird IDR 1.000.000/ pax
Facilities: Shared room, vegetarian meals during retreat, material lesson and practice of mindfulness through Dhamma knowledge, noble silence practice, understanding of walking and sitting meditation, yoga asana basic, breathing practice and trauma release.
To book the space, please pay down payment 50% minimum by transfer to Bank acc. CIMB Niaga No. ​520-01-27005-11-2 a.n Ekavia Natri Ratna Wijaya.

“Just like the great ocean has only one taste. This teaching has one taste, the flavor of freedom.” – Buddha.