Yoga Asana for Physical Strength & Flexibility

Strength and flexibility of the body is best being seen from the understanding of the five elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Space/ Ether. In this way the work to strengthen and the work of elevating flexibility must be done simultaneously and together in balance. Strength without flexibility will create rigidity, while flexibility without strength will create over-flexibility. The work of physical strength and flexibility must be supported by the work of mental strength and flexibility. Thus the practice will require levitation of focus and concentration.

The work to strengthen physicality requires breaking down muscles and fascia, changing form and flow of water in the body. Fire element become the first element that must be awaken, thus water can flow to places it is needed, forming earth to the ideal space with strength while body in relax state, flexibility become its nature state.
The asana practice within this goal require practice of Bandhas and meditation require practice of Mudras. Practice of Ashtanga/ Hatha Vinyasa and pranayama during moving meditation.

Package & Investment:
• Strength & Flexibility 7 DAYS is USD 25
• Strength & Flexibility 14 DAYS is USD 40
• Strength & Flexibility 21 DAYS is USD 65
• Strength & Flexibility 28 DAYS is USD 80

Payment must be done at the beginning of the course. Payment sent through paypal account

On each package I will send you daily video through email. This video will be able to be downloaded to repeat your personal practice at home. Every 3 days, we can arrange video call through whatsapp or skype to speak about what be improved and your progress in the practice.