Yoga Asana for Insomnia

Cases of insomnia is caused by inability to relax thus the mind cannot rest to sleep. Most of us has forgotten that relaxation and focus is the two side of the same coin. In this way, we cannot relax if we don’t develop focus and concentration, and at the same time we cannot focus if we don’t feel relaxed.

The body can rest when the body have enough work feel satisfy by the wok that has been done. Physical work must be accompanied by mental work. When we feel disappointed with ourselves, in this condition it is not easy for us to rest. The thinking mind has an idea that we must do something and series of judgments are ready to pop-up every time we try to rest.

To help with Insomnia, we must develop an ideal biological hour for the body and teach the Pineal Gland to produce Melantonin to restore that control the biological rhythm of the body. Mental discipline must be developed with meditation practice and physical body must experience various physical exercise which create stretches and induce vibration to the physical body. The first step requires create focus and concentration, from here the nest step for progress will be much easier.

Package & Investment:
• Better Sleep 7 DAYS is 30 USD
• Better Sleep 14 DAYS is 45 USD
• Better Sleep 21 DAYS is 70 USD
• Better Sleep 28 DAYS is 85 USD

Payment must be done at the beginning of the course. Payment can be send through Paypal account

On each package I will send you daily video through email. This video will be able to be downloaded to repeat your personal practice at home. Every 2 days, we can arrange video call through whatsapp or skype to speak about what be improved and your progress in the practice.