The best way to describe this element is by imagining “the ocean”. Water moves fluidly to fill up empty spaces. Have you ever notice a person that feels like they complete the atmosphere in the room? These people might have a balanced water elements. The water element teach us gratefulness and contentment. Being grateful in any situation and constantly seek for a positive view in all experience.

On the other hand, the imbalance water element might create a cold character within a person, they might become ignorance and arrogance. If they don’t notice this earlier, they might become anti-social, it is will be challenging for them to feel fit in the their social life. Worst, they can be drowned in to their loneliness. That create a lot of fear and insecurity. When water element is balanced, it will be easier for this person to gain wisdom, security and peaceful in mind.

Color of the ocean is dark blue (or black), taste of salt, smells or rotten fish.

Based on the meridien line (Chinese medicine), the water element is closely related to kidney organ. Bodily activities of urination.

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